Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Stuck stuck and stuck again. (December 17, 2017)

Monday - Had some neat experiences where we were able to serve others in a manner that was arranged by God. We decided to knock and knocked a sort of referral from an investigator we had. She wasn't interested but when we went to leave, offering our service, she asked if there was anyway she could have some food because she didn't have any for work the next day. Due to the snowfall she hadn't been able to work and didn't have any food. I don't know how kosher it was, but we had some extra and so ran to get it.
     On our way back, we saw a man trying to dig out his car with his hands from about 3 feet of snow. We pulled over and ran to help. We had a lot of fun and helped push him out. He asked if we were nuns and let us talk to him for a couple minutes. Then he left and we brought the food to Eva. She invited us in and told us that she had just finished praying before we knocked on her door to send her someone to help her. We were an answer to her prayer and it was so humbling because all day long I had been praying for charity and courage to knock doors and because of it we were able to be instruments in the hands of the Lord!

Tuesday - Twas my birthday. It's actuallly a little bit comical, because oftentimes people ask us "But you celebrate holidays and birthdays, right?" because there are lots of Jehova's Witnesses and they don't. We always answer, 'Of course!" But on our missions I think that's kind of a lie haha.
   We had meetings all day and first thing we did was help push the Zone Leaders van up a hill because it super doesn't have four wheel and it's a mini van. We had cake, and then we tired to meet with Peaches (codename from Ice Age - #1 cuz she reminds me of her and #2 because we're in an ice age). She's like my little sister. She's 14 and is in a really rough situation. She is a member but she's living with her dad and his gf right now. He's a less active member and she is so anti-Mormon it's straight poisonous. We got there and the gf came to the door and made a ton of excuses, pretended to leave so Peaches would have to babysit, etc.

    Then we got stuck on our way to dinner. *sigh*
We parked at a clinic and walked to talk to this one guy named Roberto. Then our friend Sunny stopped by and offered us all a ride! Then she dropped us off and we called Peaches dad and took her down to Subway to meet since their house isn't conducive to the Spirit and had a good talk. She's a tough cookie. Then Sunny picked us up and dropped us off at our car and then we waded through 2 feet of snow to knock a door at 8:50 at night :)

Wednesday - Got stuck again, this time in our driveway. We missed our appointment with Jesus and finally just decided to walk around. Then we started talking to this guy who offered to help dig us out. When all is said and done, it took 4 people, 3 shovels, and 3 hours. Woot. Shortly after getting unstuck, we drove up to visit a member and got stuck again. I love being stuck. How I get stuck so often with 4WD and a Jeep I don't know.
That night we got Bible bashed pretty hard. It makes me sad when Satan takes something good and uses it to blind eyes, ears and hearts.

Thursday - Helped someone ELSE get unstuck for once, went out to Carson and found 2 of the 10 hispanics out there, it was AWESOME running out of time

Friday - planned, and you guessed it, got stuck. AGAIN. Then went to apologize to Jesus. And got stuck. Again. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Saturday - Didn't get stuck today! Yay! We helped dig out a Baptist church, we shoveled the driveway and chipped off ice from the stairs. wow I'm out of time.

Sunday - did splits, no one came to church in Hood River and in White Salmon we had 1 investigator and 5 less actives. Actually on a cloud all day. That night, tried by an old kind of almost investigator and had an awesome lesson where he accepted baptism!! and then we got stuck. And walked home.

Monday morning - got unstuck.

If you come across something that doesn't make sense, please pray about it. Look for guidance from the one that will answer us. But you have to do it with real intent! You can't just ask with an answer already in mind. It doesn't work. Satan is so real and it pains me to see how he blinds the eyes of those who are searching for the light. I was reminded over and over again this week of Moroni 7. That which is good leads us to Christ and that which is not good brings us into misery and darkness.

Love you all!
Until next week! (time goes by so fast)
Hna Baird

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