Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fotos (January 23, 2017)

 ​We got stuck again. This time on exchanges and Hna Torrez is from Georgia. She got out of the car and turned to a man who ran out of his house and said "Soy de Georgia!" "Soy de Mexico!"

 At least we weren't this guy.

 ​Hna Torrez, Hernandez, Pons y yo :

 I have super fat fingers and also, wear gloves when shoveling icy snow. Apparently it bites.

 ​The end of our driveway. We walk a lot.

 ​You know that white handbook rule that says how we aren't supposed to have pets of any kind? See mass email for the story behind our tonto pet pez, Kishkumen Oliblish.

​This picture does not contain the absolute joy and love that we feel when we visit the ZigZags (codename). I love being a missionary. (see mass for more background)

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