Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fotos (January 9, 2017)

When it gets up to 24 degrees, we're practically dancing around in short sleeves.

 A glimpse of a blue sky that we haven't seen for about 3 weeks.

Dia de los Reyes. But none of the Hispanic families we talked to let us have any rosca so we had cherry cobbler and ice cream instead with Carolyn.

 Cooking skills are, as always, superb. I call this one "Soupbowl Soup"

 The forecast is approximately 3 feet of snow. Or something like that, it changes from day to day.

​Skating on a frozen pond! Just kidding this is actually the street. Walking or driving, you slide EVERYWHERE.

Got stuck. Again.

 Outside of our apartment the snow has hit my skirt.

Yay for snow! And more on the way!! Best birthday present EVER

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