Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter Fotos (April 17, 2017)


Finally got a camera. . . finally get to be artsy

The District
Elder Jensen, Elder Walker (DL), Hna Petersen, me, Elder Bergman, Elder Olivas

The Zone :)

We're getting better at selfies...

​​Sometimes when the day has been long you just gotta eat some gelato.

​Happy Sideways Upsidedown Easter!

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Finally Got a Camera! - Today. . . so next week will be better :) (April 10, 2017)

We went and got the oil changed on Monday at a Pit Stop that does it for free for us missionaries. We were just reading the scriptures while waiting and suddenly I realized that the TV that had been playing was off. The guy changing our oil had turned it off for us. And then when we came back we found flowers on our dash! It was such a tender mercy and it made our day :))

Also, District Spa Day. Shortly after the oil change we went to a members house and did face masks. #districtunity #ourdistrictiscoolerthanyours #softfaces

Bathroom Selfie cuz we don't take enough of those

We're growing grass!! Mine is the one on the left. 😊

​We're gonna try taking a selfie a day cuz we literally have taken 0 pictures in general... so ta-daah! (It also keeps us trying to look okay because sometimes it's too much work)

​#districtcouncilfromlastweek #spanishmissionarieshavetwiceasmanybooks #anypicturesthatevenexistofmoses

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

Monday, April 10, 2017

Baptisms - That's New! (April 10, 2017)

We're gonna go backwards this time because that's how my brain works :) To explain the title, I've never really been a part of baptisms before. And now suddenly there is a lot of them - 5 this week, three in two more weeks and countless in the months to come :) I love helping these children of God obtain all of the blessings 😊 It's like, the best feeling ever.

Sunday - The Huits came to church again! They are so wonderful. I love them so much. They are going to be baptized on the 15th of April and they are so so excited. It's awesome :))
As I was sitting in Spanish Sacrament meeting I was watching our three young investigators Noelia, Brandon and Jacob and wondering why we hadn't gone back to teach them for a while. For a little while I hadn't considered them to be legitimate investigators because they are 12, 9 and 8 and I didn't know the opinion of the parents. As I was watching them and thinking about how they were essentially members of the church that just hadn't been baptized and suddenly I had the impression, "You are withholding blessings from them by not teaching them and inviting them to be baptized."
So that night I decided we were going to fix that. When we arrived at their house the kids weren't home but we were actually able to talk to the parents and gain trust and become their friends! We talked about fruit and snakes and spiders and then we showed them the Prince of Peace video and had a really neat conversation about how sometimes we want to do things but we don't actually want them enough to do them, we allow our natural man get in the way of blessings of going to church, reading the scriptures and saying prayers.
Then, right as we were about to leave because the conversation lulled, the kids walked in! We make small talk and then I figured better now than never and opended my mouth and said "So what is baptism to you?" And then Jacob, the 8 year old says "I want to be baptized." and so did Brandon and Noelia. They asked their mom and dad and they gave permission. And then we were talking about when and Jacob says "Saturday!" It was so cute because he was SO insistent on Saturday but Brandon and Noelia wanted a little more time and we could see the parents going "Too soon, too soon!" and so we compromised with the 29th of April. As we were scheduling a return appointment, I flipped open my planner to Tuesday where I have a poor drawing of a temple because we get to go!!! And then we started talking about temples and Noelia said "I wanted to go with the youth yesterday to the temple but I couldn't cuz I wasn't baptized!!!" And I remembered the scripture somewhere in Alma that talks about how as missionaries we are responsible for the people under our jurisdiction and if we don't give them the opportunity to have all of the blessings that God has in store for them, then we get in trouble because that was our job! It was a good reminder :)

Saturday - We decided to use Saturday as a finding day. And it was AWESOME! We street contacting/knocked for 4 hours and found so many wonderful people! Then that night we went to dinner with a member where we finally began to build some trust in the branch. The branch doesn't hate us but they're kind of indifferent because in the past that is how the sisters have been with them so we're really working on helping them realize that we really do love and care about them! THEN we had an amazing (and really long) lesson with the Huits where we read through the entire Strength of Youth with them and taught them the rest of the commandments. We had been a little bit unsure about how really prepared they were but after this lesson, there were no doubts!! They are so excited and so are we and you can see such a difference in their countenances. Sean kept talking about the Spirit he felt in his friend's home and how much he wants it in his. AH THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!

Friday - It was craisy este dia. We had ZTM where I learned A LOT about how I can improve my teaching. Then we planned. That's fun. But not really. Had a dinner with a cute family from 1st ward and then taught the Book of Mormon class for the branch. It was SO MUCH FUN because in companion/language study we had dissected 1 Nephi 1 and we learned SO MUCH!!! It was so fun to share what we had learned and there was lots of awesome discussion and then we ended with chair soccer and I played barefoot and in a dress and it was a struggle but I WON!! Wa-pachaaaaaw!!

Thursday - We visited an investigator from Honduras who has his own Youtube channel for fishing and hunting and taught his wife the Restoration. They are super open and willing to learn more. Then they fed us green fried bananas with this spicy chicken and crema, holy cow it was so good!! Later we did a painting service for a member in the branch and painted and taped for 3 hours. It was AWESOME. And it built more trust :) Just loving the people helps so much :)) We ate dinner with one of my favorite people in the branch and then taught the English class and then had another really long lesson with Nicole and Sean where we found out Nicole wasn't 18 and we needed to have a woman with us this whole time. #missionarywork #itsfine

Wednesday - We went to the food bank and sang at an old people's home :) They are so cute and I get to play the violin every time we go. It's good sight reading practice. Thanks mom and dad for making me practice! We also had dinner with the 1st ward Bishop that night and had a stellar lesson where we established some of the things we want to do with the ward and he was more than willing to help us make it happen. Starting with PMG chapter 13 :)

Tuesday - We had a drop lesson with one of our dear investigators. It was really really sad. When someone you have come to love decides that they don't want to change it kind of kills you but I know that one day he'll accept it :) Literally nothing went as we planned on Tuesday but it was a fantastic day. We're figuring out how to best work with the Spanish branch and English ward and we're getting this ball rolling!!

Monday - spa day (see pictures :))
Anyway, Hope you all have a stellar week! I will! I get to go to a baptism in Ephrata tonight, the temple tomorrow and then plan a baptism for this weekend!!
Go check out the new Prince of Peace video. It is so amazing and it really has made me take a look at Christ again. He's something most everyone believes in but I don't think any of us actually understand what He really did and this video has made me study His life and example a little bit harder. I'm trying to take President Nelson's challenge and go through the Topical Guide and look up every scripture under the subtitle of Christ. My Bible is already painted with red and I just started! (I'm doing it in Spanish because that way I can kill a couple of birds with one stone :))
Love you!

​Hello from the emailing group woot wooooooot

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

Monday, April 3, 2017

Eating Pavement (April 3, 2017)

Funny story of the week:
So as missionaries we have to send in key indicators every Sunday night and we have to do it in a timely manner. Well, Hna Baird is nothing if not not timely. We were knocking and left the phone in the car. we had a super awesome lesson that night but then realized that it was 9:20 and we still hadn't sent in the indicators. So we hopped our new investigators gate, in skirts mind you (because we couldn't figure out how to open it), and then us two white girls are running down the street of a Hispanic trailer park yelling at each other in Spanish about how we have to "correle dangit! olvidamos key indicators!" and all is well, we're laughing because then I'm trying to explain how I would do this all the time in White Salmon and how much Elder Christensen (my zone leader there as well) would call us and be like "What are you doing?!" and how he hates me and then suddenly. . . speed bump. I almost caught myself. But I didn't. And so I ate it. So. Hard. I totally destroyed my leggings and my pride. BUT we did get the indicators in on time, and we got home in time. Wa-pachaw!

Funny Story #2:
On Pday's we play soccer. And after playing soccer last transfer with a group of Mexicans that have no qualms and play hard, I have learned how to play hard and not back down. The elders don't usually even know what hit them. My crowing moment was when Elder Bawden and I were both after the ball, running toward each other and he stopped because he didn't want to hurt me and I of course have no qualms so he ended up on his back in the grass. I also almost broke Elder Taele's nose, and some of the elders just give me the ball when I run at them now. I think I'm the reason the white handbook advises us to not be competitive during PDay so we don't get hurt. Working on it :)
(Note from mom:  I hear the first step in repentance is noticing there's a problem.)

General Conference was awesome, my favorite was S. Mark Palmer's talk. This conference made me realize that the things that I have been wanting to become aren't just an Hna Baird high standard. They are the Lord's standard. And because he loves us he asks more from us. This is the day and age where we have to stop making excuses.  When we hear truth to stop saying, "Wow that was so awesome!", making resolutions and then giving up after a week.  No, we have to start changing today and staying changed. In Wenatchee there was a quote that said, "If you are the same missionary today as you were yesterday, you are wasting your time." But my companion and I had heard "You are wasting your life." Although it was an obvious mishear, it isn't wrong. We have not been given this time to repent day by day to remain the same. We have to be changing. No more can we make excuses for why we didn't change, why we didn't do what we said we were going to do. We need to develop our personal integrity and just do it. We need to push ourselves, not sit there comfortably being okay with where we are at! We do not even realize how many blessings God wants to give us SO BADLY and we are telling him "No, I'm good with what I've got." The talk that was given about goals - are you setting goals, are you making plans for eternity? Are you progressing toward eternal life? Are you playing an active role in God's Plan of Happiness that he created especially for you? 
If not, WHY?!!
We need to decide today to become something more.
Love you all!
Hna Baird