Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 15: Pday - Whose idea was this Anyway??? (June 13, 2016)

Unfortunately I don't have a ton of time to write. But this week was awesome.

Monday - went on a hike to Saddle Rock where we legitimately almost killed one of our sister missionaries. It was my favorite pday so far. There were cliffs, scree slopes, drop offs, I had a hay day scrambling and climbing rocks like the good old days. We just almost killed Sister Fox.

(Clarification from Jaycie's mom:  
it wasn't her favorite pday because they almost killed one of the sister missionaries, lol!  It was 105 degrees that day and the sister got severely dehydrated but they made it back safe and sound.)

Wednesday - We had service where I learned that although I love being artistic, Hna Baird cannot decorate little brown boxes for community events with legos. Paint, all day. Random craft supplies, not as much.  We had the car and used it to our advantage, visited lots of places we usually can't. We had dinner with the Sharples which is always my favorite. We had a carb party, quite literally. Quote from Hna Dungan: "Today we die of diabetes"

Thursday: Zone Conference with an area 70. It was awesome! He basically told us that if the people that we are teaching are not progressing, or not "golden" to move on and come back later. He stated it very matter of fact, we are here to find those that are ready. We are the harvesters not the sowers. As a result, we have since done a whole lot more tracting and finding and in the long run it's been for the better. There are so many people to meet.

Viernes: We didn't get a whole lot done because our dinner went a little over. It was really cute, that family drove us to the bishops house and we played I Spy on the way there.
Me: "I spy something blue."
Dommy(He's like 3 I think): "The sky, the car, DADDY!!!!"
Bro Mackay: "I spy something stinky"
Dommy: "DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
It was awesome. That night we met with the Bishop and two investigadores that were passed onto us from the zone leaders. They are incredible. When we were told that we were getting to teach them, I honestly felt like this was a family that I was supposed to love and teach. We put them on date that night to be baptized and you can already see the light that they are accumulating. This gospel is for families and it is the most beautiful thing to watch it change lives.

Saturday - We did a lot of contacting and met a lot of really neat people. That night we had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with Violeta and Abraham at the Martinezes. Abraham couldn't make it but Violeta did and we talked about prophets and the importance of FHE (family home evening). It was a really awesome lesson, we even involved the kids as much as we could. It was really perfect. Violeta ended up staying much later and just talking to them. I love their little family and am so grateful for the way I have been raised with a FHE as close to every Monday night as we could. It has been a blessing for me and I have been able to see the difference it makes in my life, giving me a strong testimony of these things and the blessings we will receive.

Sunday - it always amazes me that although we have some of the least amount of time on Sundays, that is the day we often get the most work done. We met some really really awesome people, including one lady that resulted in the weirdest experience. She was dressed in all rainbow and held a sign that said stop the hate due to the shooting in Florida at the bar. She was a really neat person, and we had a really awesome conversation with her. This world is a scary place sometimes and I am so grateful for the gospel and the light and guidance it brings into our lives.

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

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  1. Relieved to know you weren't rejoicing over the fact your poor companion almost bit the dust. Such a fun post. Love to see and hear from you.