Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 13: Learning to be a Missionary Chapter 1: Charity isn't Sassy

Monday - Today was un poquito raro (a little weird). Hermana Kennedy left the mission this day and our companionship was chosen to become a tripan (threesome) until Hermana Harston's new companion came on Wednesday. Fortunately it began on Pday and so we only had to rearrange a couple of things for that night. We ate at a little Mexican restaurant because we didn't have anything gluten free and Hna Harston lived on the other side of the river before heading to our appointment with Arturo y Vero. We've been meeting with them now since my second week out in the field and I love them so much. We taught them the 10 commandments that night and it was neat to see how much they really love to learn. Whenever we teach something new, they say, "Wow. There's so much we don't know. Thank you." They're awesome. After that lesson we decided to stop by the elders apartment and put some sticky notes on their door like that had done to us before we had to head home to get back in time. While our intentions were good, the Spirit had a different plan for us in mind. On our way there (it was right outside of A&V's house) we ran into Evan and Sam. They were probably in their 20's, Sam lived right next door and Evan was visiting his other friend nearby. He had a giant elk horn knife and so naturally we had to ask what he was doing with it. He was incredibly friendly and we ended up talking for quite some time. Hna Dungan talked to Sam while Hna Harston and I talked with Evan. By the end of our conversation, Sam was super excited to learn more and Evan said, "I bet I'll look back at this day and thank God that I took the time to talk to you even when I had things I needed to do." It was awesome. Also, it was really funny because he would call out to anyone else on the street, "HEY!! You guys should listen to them!! They're from Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas and they're really awesome and have a great message!" He would be such an awesome missionary I was trying really hard not to laugh at his enthusiasm because it was so awesome to see.

Tuesday - We had a tripan (triple) miracle today! Holy cow, today was awesome but I'll sum it up short. We went to a track  to exercise and I got to do some old vault exercises. We taught an investigator of Hna Harston's who is really amazing. She speaks three languages and has walked to church before. We had dinner with Sister Sharple, she's my favorite and we had a really awesome gluten free dinner and then ice cream. That was actually really funny because she got out cookies and cream and Hna Harston was heart broken because she couldn't have it. So Sis Sharple said, "You know what lets just get out all the ice cream and we'll just eat out of the tubs in an ice cream buffet and you can choose what you want." So that's totally what we did. There were like 7 different flavors, it was the best. Then that night we had a miracle happen, we got an on date with Mauro!! It was a really really neat lesson that night, very powerful. Some of the kids in that house (I dunno which ones are his and which are his brother-in-laws) came out and listened nice and quiet as well. Until one of them regurgitated a pastry of some sort during one of the more spiritual parts but hey that's alright. It was hilarious. Then we ran into like 3 other people we knew as we ran back to the car and one of our kind of investigators gave us this frozen dulce of some sort that she sells. I love seeing that even if we don't get to teach them because they aren't intereseted, they are our friends.

Wednesday - Miracles and miracles every day. We had transfers and so our tripan split. We walked a lot and had some neat lessons, we found a house of an old investigator of the ingles missioneros (English missionaries) by accident which was awesome. That night we had another lesson with Arturo and Vero with Hna Gitta and it was incredible. I really love my "job". We talked about the importance of prayer and scripture study with the use of Enos. It was really powerful.

Thursday - Elder Solis tried to tell me that my planner was wrong. He told me that it was "Las familias pueden ser juntOs" (families can be together) not juntas. I about had a heart attack. Turns out I used ser when I should have used estar anyway but it's obscure enough I don't think anyone will catch it.

One of these days I received an answer to a prayer that has been a long time in the making. Thank you to my dear friends in Helaman Halls. The little notes you sent was a huge blessing and miracle to me this week and it meant the world :))

Saturday - So my goal for this transfer is to become a missionary. It's tricky, being trained. Sometimes I think we fall into the idea that "Oh, I'm new I don't know how to do these things yet." When in reality, we're being taught how and we need to begin to apply them immediately. So este es mi meta. To act like the missionary, to become the missionary that I know my Heavenly Father wants to be from the very beginning, taking the initiative and working as a companionship instead of as a trainer and trainee. And the first step to this is charity. Sometimes I get a little bit sassy with those that disagree or are being stubborn about something. I don't see everything from their perspective, sometimes I just see how they are wrong. So in comp inventory Hna Dungan gently told me, "You should really work on holding back the sass factor. Charity isn't sassy." I had some awesome opportunities to apply it immediately actually. I struggled during a doorstep lesson, but later that night my eyes were opened. I felt such a strong love for the people we met later that night, and I could feel how much they meant to Heavenly Father as well as the amount of pain He must feel as He sees them struggling. It was really really amazing for me and I'm excited to really apply this charity thing. It works a little bit better than being sassy at least. Who knew?

Sunday - I got to give a talk in Sacrament. That was fun and a little bit terrifying because the preterite and imperfect tenses are not a thing for me and that's all I used as I told my story as to why I came on a mission. Mosiah 28:3, Proverbs 3:5-6, Ether 12:27, and Moroni 2:17 is a basic outline of what I had written, but I only had time to give the first half. I also am officially the pianist of our barrio now. (this is where my parents get to tell me, "I told you so, don;t you wish you practiced more?") Say no more, because the answer is yes. Every opportunity I have I practice. Pday, during lunch when we have District Council and Sundays before church. So, if you are considering a mission, I would get some heartfelt advice to learn how to play the piano. Or at the very least, learn some hymns. But it's actually a blessing because I've really been missing music and my violin of late and now I have an opportunity to play the piano every week.

I'm sorry I write so much. Being a missionary means that a lot goes into your days, every hour is planned and something new or interesting therefore happens every hour of our days. It's the best thing.

Les quiero! (I love you all!)

​Update on my cooking skills - still not a thing

 ​Ice Cream buffet!! (I ate the entire thing of raspberries. as well as raspberry and salted caramel gelato. it was kind of the best.)

​New planner and old planner. Shout out to my mom for that picture of the fam, 
everyone loves it a whole lot :))

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

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  1. Love reading your "doings" - this is an amazing time for teaching and learning. Pretty fantastic read my dear Jaycie.\