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Week 12: Tis all about the little things (May 23, 2016)

Well, I've now been out in the field for one transfer! One whole transfer, six weeks, seems like forever and yet only a day. I'll do my best to give a sum-up of the most interesting things that have occurred at least, although I think for the most part it's really just this week. :))

~Last Sunday I get some great new blonde jokes thanks to some of the most chistoso personas (funny people) in our ward. They were in ingles (english) but when you add a thick spanish accent, somehow you just can't get mad about it. They were hilarious. My favorite one was about a couple of blondes fishing with magnets. They got in trouble because it was a closed lake but they showed the officer that they were just magnets. He left, shaking his head and they turned to each other and said, "That officer is so dumb. These fish are steelheads!"

~Pday - we got to play ultimate frisbee!! As well as nerf wars in the gym. One was zombies and highly panic inducing, not only are the zombies something to avoid but elders as well, and let me tell you, between the two of them it's like a minefield. Then we played a team nerf war where I got to be the medic and personally took out our zone leader who then shot me while he was dead which distracted me so that I really got shot and died and lost for our team. Life lessons in everything we do - don't get so focused on all of the things someone else is doing that causes you to lose focus and fail to protect yourself. It's such a real thing, both at home and in the mission field.

~We had the opportunity to eat with the Newbry's this week and we were discussing different religions. We have multiple investigadores (investigators) who are meeting with us as well as either Jehovah's Witnesses or another religion and I wanted to do more so that I would better be able to address questions that they have about how our religions differ. I was honestly a little bit worried that my ignorance could end up leaving a loose end or even butchering something. Brother Newbry answered in a way that I don't think I can ever forget. He told me that, "It doesn't matter if you're ignorant about some things, you don't have to know everything. Because your testimony is not ignorant. And that is what truly matters, that's what really holds sway in lessons."

~Wednesday was great. We met a lady on the street as we walked to a potential who was very very atheist and essentially told us that she was enlightened and that all we need to come to face the truth one way or another. We tried to bear testimony of the times we have felt our Heavenly Father, when we have felt the Spirit, and she chuckled, "Hallucinations darling, that's all they are." I honestly didn't really know how to even respond, many of the things she said were somewhat contradictory, but we tried our best to tell her what we know. It was interesting though, she said that she usually doesn't ever engage in any kind of religious discussion but for some reason she talked to us, we "slipped under her guard". It made me a little bit sad that sometimes people are very set in their ideas but we can do nothing but respect that decision and be polite in return.

~That same day we ran into a little lemonade stand as they were closing up. The 4 year old was the one who appeared to run it, he was so cute. He said so many things that I could quote but my favorite was right before we left. We had given a Plan of Salvation pamphlet to his mom and he grabbed it, pointing to the cover. "Is this Jesus?!" "It is! And did you know that he is your big brother?" He looked at us in disbelief. "Are.. are you KIDDING me???" It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

~Later that night we met a sweet family and the little girl, she was like 2, ran up to me and gave me a huge hug like she knew me. As we left, she was absolutely devastated, and chased me as we walked away! I tried to tell her that we were coming back, we promised but she would not hear it! I felt so bad, her mom was pregnant and she had to chase this little girl down and catch her so that we could leave. Needless to say, I felt really special. And I learned that if you win the hearts of the kids, the parents at the very least have to invite you back. :)

~Saturday we met a handful of interesting people, some were golden some were very anti. We met a man that night with a dog named Dude (my kind of name for a dog or anyone really) who although was very against us, was pretty harmless and didn't have a "shut-down" attitude. He was of the opinion that we are solicitors but he also kept asking questions and gave us a fist bump for "pounding the pavement and doin what we do." To each his own I guess. I really love people :)

~Sunday we had the awesome opportunity to OYM 5 people! They were all about my age, a handful of guys who were on their way to the skate park. They were really neat. It reminded me again how much I love this work. There are people who think you're crazy and then there are teenagers, peers, who have had a rough time or are just trying to keep their head afloat in their own way and it doesn't matter who you are, what your background is, what you've been through, what you've done, what you believe. We are all the same in God's eyes, we are all precious. Without Him we are nothing and yet He loves us all the same. We've been able to share just a little shred, sometimes only by listening, just a tiny shred of the love God has for each and everyone one of them because that's why we're out here. We're out here to help others be happy, to come closer to Christ and have a little bit more joy. And even if after we talk to them nothing comes of it, even if they choose not to recognize it or do their best to argue, for just those few minutes, I can feel that love that God has for that person. And I really hope that they can too.

Keep shining your light! Always always always :)))

Les quiero!
Hna Baird

​Hna Dungan got struck with a flu like bug but kept on trucking like the amazing missionary she is. And that night, we came home to this. Thank you to our wonderful Zone Leaders and District Leaders (aka our entire district) for making me chase down sticky notes all over our yard at 9:15 at night. :)

​One last sisters pictures before transfers happen :)

​Puppies! Actually, the same one whose mother attacked me a while ago. Note: Even if it is the puppies fault, you will be the one attacked.

Hermana Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

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