Monday, August 7, 2017

Reminiscing in Royal (July 31, 2017)

 ​Pues this week was stellar as always.
We went on exchanges with my beloved STLs (Hna Hull whom I greenie busted and Hna Lindsay whom I trained). I went to Royal City with Hna Hull and had so much fun with her, Hna Lin and Hna Falla who are now two of my best friends even though I only served around them that one day. It was wonderful to be with my best friend from my mission again. We talked so much about the last year since we've been together and we helped each other talk out some of the things that we've been struggling with. As a newly called STL, she and Hna Lindsay are training each other to be one and she asked me a lot of questions on how to be a better leader which made me realize that I have made some lifelong friends here. She helped talk me down from the ledge of not returning home since I've been fighting it pretty bad and struggling with some fears that come with normal person life. I got to meet incredible people, be a part of wonderful miracles and all in all came out of it at peace with some of the changes that will be happening in the coming weeks.

We did lots of service, we helped at the food bank, cut hair, played with puppies, had an allergy attack with kittens, swept floors, carried trash cans, painted hallways, fixed cars (well, the elders did. we just translated) helped people move (in skirts mind you - Shoutout to Hna Hurst and Lindsay). It was a blast :)

Went to my last Zone Conference. That was hard, having to give a departing testimony. My main thesis (because feelings are hard, so I wrote a talk/essay) was that the gospel brings us a happiness that is independent of who you are around, the situations that you find yourself in, the trials you are facing, and the hardships that are affecting your loved ones. After stressing how important it is to know that this gospel is true, I challenged everyone to figure out their testimony and resolve now to never ever go less-active. A couple people thanked me for bringing down the hell-fire but I can't see my beloved fellow missionaries and friends ever fall away. It would break my heart and all those around them.

I love it here. A lot. I am so grateful for the experiences that I have been given and the miracles and blessings that God has allowed me to be a part of. I love the people I am serving with and I know that this is the greatest work that anyone could be a part of.

I cut 4 inches off of Ashley's hair (ignore the slight curve, that chick has SO MUCH hair) :) Kayleigh is creeping in the background

 Knocking out in Royal and suddenly Missouri

I feel like I'm home

My babies! Hna Hurst, Hna Lindsay and Hna Hull <33333 #tendermerciesoftheLord

One of my all-time favorite families that reminds me of MY family :) the Youngs

​Tracting out in Royal City means sometimes you park in a ditch #passengersidestruggles

Love you all!

Hermana Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

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  1. Welcome home Jaycie! Hanging up the missionary badge is double edged. Good AND sad. Hoping the people you met and the work you did will always be a joyous memory. Reunions with family are pretty priceless. No more blog. On to new adventures - Love you Miss.