Monday, August 7, 2017

I'm Allergic to Those! (August 7, 2017)

This week was way packed with miracles. 
Being that I'll be in good ole Missouri tomorrow I'm gonna keep it short :)
I dont remember much of Mon or Tues.. sorry! 
Needless to say, we started seeing miracles since day one.

Wednesday - We had our mini missionary Mariah! She is absolutely incredible and we had so much fun together. We stopped by to see Kadyn, our wonderful 13 year old friend who we thought left for forever to California. Well, he's back! See Saturday.

Thursday - We went to the shelter, had departing interviews, taught a ton of awesome lessons, picked up a former investigator, and ran into a little kid who told us "I'm allergic to these!" pointing to the cat sticker on his hand. me too kid, me too.

Friday - Kelsie the miracle investigator up and moved from Oklahoma in three days, packing 7 people, two dogs, a cat and the little that they could into a mini van and drove cross country due to a prompting from God. She left her house and everything that she had to come to Moses Lake with a family she had met once to learn more about the Mormon church. Long story short, we taught her and her mom Friday and Saturday, they came to church on Sunday and loved it and are praying about baptism. That was just one of the miracles that we saw that day :) 

Saturday - Taught Kadyn a really powerful lesson 5 all about the temple and the importance of the sealing power and he told us he wanted to be baptized on Saturday! Really sad that I'm going to miss that by a couple days but hey, I'm just glad he's making that step. 

Sunday - Said goodbye and taught so many incredible families. I'm gonna miss Moses Lake but I will never forget it.

Excited for what this next chapter will bring. Love you and see y'all soon!
Hna Baird

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