Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Craisiness (May 1, 2017)


A member gave us an amazing referral - her niece who wants the gospel for her family so badly. Unfortunately she lives out of our area and after praying about it we decided to be obedient and pass her to the elders.

Our kiddos got baptized on Saturday! Their parents will be taking the lessons from the elders :)

After officially deciding to pass off the only investigators we really had, we got a call from Antonio, a past potential. He told us he read the pamphlet and wanted to learn more. He came to the baptism on Saturday and we're meeting with him again tonight :)

We helped Kaden Dominguez write his talk for the baptism on Thursday, did lots of service for our sweet branch members, found a doctor to check out my leg who assured me that I would live although it will take a couple of months to heal.

We also followed a small child around a neighborhood as she showed us where some of the Hispanics lived.

The talent show was a ton of fun and it went pretty okay! Although I totally didn't video it... regrets... but know that we tried even if it was nothing like how my family actually does it.

I promise next week will be better. I love you all!

*from Corinne*
Jaycie is coming home August 8!
There are a LOT of missionaries scheduled to come home the August 29 transfer which caused a need for 2 transfers, August 8 or 29.  After prayer and studying, Jaycie chose the 8.

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