Thursday, February 9, 2017

Llavar a Cabo Su Obra (February 6, 2017)

So I've been transferred to Ephrata and all I have to say is that this transfer is going to be one of the most interesting I have had yet. I'm living with the two other sisters that cover English which is fun because I already know both of them, my ZL's I've already served around as well, Elder Roe and Elder Burbank and I've met two of the other 3 missionaries in our district.

Only Spanish work! Wow, it feels like it's been forever. I've already had a blast. We volunteer at food banks, thrift shops, we have multiple on-dates, we almost have a Spanish branch, the people here are so prepared, and there at FHE we are allowed to play soccer because it is anywhere from 20-60 hispanics where more than half are non-members. It's a fantastic finding tool and they get a kick out of us white kids. They always yell "Seesters! Run Seester run! GO GO GO!"

I love this area. When I got transferred I was a little bit sad at first but then I felt that it was so right. At the transfer site, President approached me and told me "Ephrata right now is on fire! The Zone Leaders called me and asked to send a missionary that could really get the ball rolling, and Sister Baird, I think you are going to do amazing there." It definitely made me step back and realize that after all of the work that I have put in with few immediate results, I was being blessed to be able to bring to pass His work in an area that would bring immediate results. I am so excited!

It already feels like I've been here forever, even though I just barely got here. I am so excited to see what lies in store for our companionship :)

Sorry it's so short, little time there is!
Love you all!
Hna Baird

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