Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Favorite pics of Mission yet (February 6, 2017)

Red and Gingy - a couple of less active gents that despite my small size, I have wrangled to church and missionary discussions. (If you look close enough I got some bunny ears)

​​Martha Lujano and the two dogs that are less likely to eat your face off, Oprah and Abby. Actually one of my most favorite people.


Vans kids. Ian, Amber and Blake. They are also my favorite.




Bishop and Sister Goodrich


​Attempting to dab with Japhia and failing miserably. He went to give me a high-five and totally tricked me because he dabbed instead. Kids.

​She really does love me I promise

See? Friends

​Me and Sister Harty - not my companion but one of the English sisters I live with. (while wearing Hna Buss's coat. She's SUPER tall)

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