Monday, November 21, 2016

PICTURES finally (sent October 24, 2016)

Shaaaaaaake breaaaaaaak! I don't remember if I sent this one a year and a day ago but anywho. Gosh that felt like forever ago.

Baby chicks! Also, my wonderful companion, Sister Hull :D

Klickitat. When we accidentally went there at 6 at night. Fun fact - they don't know what missionaries are and also if you go after 5 they look at you like you came from Mars. Long story short, we don't go there unless it's broad daylight.

​Sometimes you have to gain member trust. And sometimes that means cutting up a deer. (Dad are you proud of me yet?) Jk, we didn't help them cut it up but they promised that if they get an elk they will call us to help them.

​Another one because I was just so happy that Sister Hull dragged me over to see the deer because I honestly refused to get anywhere close for a while.

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