Monday, November 21, 2016

Wet Boots and the Gift of Tongues (October 31, 2016)

Some silly things -
-Hna Hull doesn't know what a cold is or how you get it. So when I told her to take off her wet socks and boots she shrugged and said "It's fine" She now knows what a cold is and is hating life. Sometimes we have to learn from experience X)
-There are crazy killer clowns infesting Washington. Pray we don't get killed!

So this week was amazing.
Tuesday we had District Council and then interviews with President! While we were waiting, we dropped off our car to get its tires changed and then after interviews and such we headed to dinner. We've been really working with the members lately because our training in District Council was all about

Wednesday we went to the ENT to figure out what's wrong with my ear. I was really grateful to just be there for my ear this time. We walked past a glass case with a bunch of the throat scopes that go down your nose and it brought back some happy memories. Hna Hull was majorly grossed out.

Thursday we had exchanges. We have recently been planning a little bit differently, and on Thursday we were incredibly blessed! We have begun to plan more people each day than we can possibly visit. Not when we have appointments, but instead of only planning one or two backups every hour, we have a list of at least 10 people for each hour. So, when we went on exchanges we had dozens of people to go contact, all potentials and formers. It was amazing to see how blessed we were because we had overprepared! Throughout the day, we were never lacking for someone to talk to. When the people we had written down weren't home or we couldn't find them, we contacted around the area. Hna Pons and I were walking during the day time and between the constant Spanish and walking, I really felt like I was back in Wenatchee. It was such a good day. At the end of the day, we had found 18 new investigators. We were all in disbelief and beyond that, 15 of them were Spanish. I was reminded again that the Lord is the one driving this work. Yes, we had split up and there were four of us working in the same area but we had more success in that one day than we have had in weeks combined. The Lord truly does bless us after the hard work, diligence and enduring to the end that sometimes we have to do.

Also, due to the amount of walking we did, my boots soaked through. I jokingly asked if we could stop and wring out my socks and then I was actually able to wring them out. We decided to stop by a less active to see if she had some extra socks and she not only gave me some socks, she gave me a pair of brown ugg boots that she was going to give away to GoodWill. They didn't match with anything I was wearing, and my leggings didn't quite make it down to where the boots stopped, but my feet were warm and dry and so I buried my pride and walked on. The Lord works in mysterious ways to humble us and to show us the goodness in those around us. It's really quite amazing to me.

Saturday was an awesome day for me. We revisited a lot of the people we found on Saturday and all day long I got to speak in Spanish.
Saturday was an awful day for Hna Hull. Despite all of her studying, she has struggled with Spanish badly and didn't speak the entire day.

Sunday was a day full of miracles. Hermana Hull asked Bishop for a blessing and in it she was promised that her tongue and mind would be loosed. I spoke to her in Spanish all during lunch and she understood and replied to everything I said. It was amazing! We had lots of Spanish to speak that day as we went by more of the investigators we found on Thursday and she understood and responded in every conversation/lesson we had.
Later that night we had a lesson with Angel and Roman, two new investigators. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't have much faith, I didn't think that it was going to go very far. We went in and began to talk and I was immediately humbled by Roman as he summarized the Restoration for us. Angel and Roman then asked us lots of questions about prophets and how we know and are really excited to begin to read the Book of Mormon.

Over and over I am reminded of the mercy and the goodness of God. I am so incredibly grateful that I get to be a missionary and encourage all of you to be one too! I am so proud of my little sisters that ran around sharing little pass along cards, because it's what made them happy. Guys, this gospel is what makes us happy, do we not want others to be happy??? Of course we do!! So we need to let them know how they can be more happy!!! If you have not gotten a Preach My Gospel and have not been studying it diligently, I encourage you to do so. In our mission we are striving to be Preach My Gospel missionaries but we all need to strive to be Preach My Gospel wards and members!

I love you all so much and Dios les bendiga!
Hna Baird

When your boots aren't rain boots and get soaked through and your socks too. Yas.

​Found this dead mouse in front of our car like an offering of some sort. I mean sure it's gross but if she had to touch it, why didn't it just go in the trashcan? Poor mouse.​

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