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117 Miles and Rice (October 3, 2016)

So there isn't much time today due to the fact that I have been transferred to a gorge and the internet went out in the church building :)

My Week:
The days leading up to transfer day was full of miracles and memories. It was hard to say goodbye to so many people that I have learned to love for 6 months but it was nice to be able to shake off the dust of Wenatchee little by little as well.

Transfer day I drove for approximately 6 hours down to White Salmon. Which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Thursday we went tracting. There aren't any investigators yet, they all got baptized! So we're finding. And we found 7 new Spanish investigators in a couple of hours. It was so amazing to see the difference attitude makes. It has been an area where primarily less active and white work and poor Sister Hull doesn't hardly speak any Spanish because of it. She was ecstatic to find so many Spanish speakers. She is an answer to my prayers! She is so incredibly prepared and humble in this work. She loves being a missionary and makes it so much fun, which is how it should be!

We lived off of rice, a couple of eggs, rice cakes and cookie butter/peanut butter and apples for the past 4 days because her last companion took all of the food and we ran out of miles the day I got here... But it's okay! Because the members here, after hearing of our plight, essentially gave us their entire refrigerator.

I love Hermana Hull. She is such an answer to my prayers. I have learned so much from her already and I cannot wait to spend (hopefully) the next couple of transfers with her.

White Salmon is huge. GINORMOUS. Well, I say White Salmon but actually it covers like 10 of the small surrounding towns. Oct 1st (when we got miles back) we drove 117 miles. It reminds me a lot of Missouri honestly, very curved country roads. Except it's in the mountains. We were trying to find this one referral we were given a couple of days ago at 8:30 at night and when I can send pictures I'll have to show you how actually terrifying it is up there. Pitch black, curved, NO ONE lives up anywhere. Part of the reason there are 300 less actives here is because they all live in the middle of nowhere, way far away from the church.

It's definitely going to be interesting but I will send more next week! (as well as pictures)

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

 *Corinne taking mom-license. . . I got to talk to Jaycie's new companion's mom and she hooked me up to Hermana Hull's emails.  I'm going to take the liberty of including a few of those on Jaycie's blog because it's fun to hear more details about their experiences.  Here is Hermana Hull's take on the week:

Mi espanol es mejorando! PORQUE MI COMPANERA ES PERFECTA.Oct 03, 2016

Hola mi familia!!

Transfers happened on Wednesday and I hung out with members all day
visiting my area. Hermana Knight had to leave at 8 in the morning and my
companion didn't get here until 6 because she was in Wenatchee. I hung out
with mi amiga Megan Tew and she just got her mission call and is going to
the Pennsylvania Pittsburg mission! SO COOL. MISSIONS ARE THE BEST. I also
hung out with a lady in our ward and visited a bunch of less active women
in our ward. It was a solid day for sure.

I can honestly say she is the companion I have been praying for.
She is me in blonde form.
No lie.
We are SO similar it's kind of freaky ahahahahaha.
I honestly don't think I could get any happier.
It was really rough the first couple days, with myself, because Hermana
Baird was sort of retraining me.  I was so frustrated. AND my Spanish was so bad and rusty and it
really surprised Hermana Baird and I just sat and cried.
Now she only talks to me in Spanish and I have mega improved in the course
We've figured out that there has been a big attitude problem in this White
Salmon area with missionaries and ward members alike. EVERYONE has told us
that there is no Spanish work here and that it's so sad.
We went out knocking on Thursday and found 8 new investigators. EIGHT
THAT'S RIGHT. And they are all Spanish. I said zero words to them because I
couldn't understand a thing, but I felt the Spirit nonetheless :) Hermana
Baird's Spanish is amazing. She promised me that I will be fluent by the
end of this transfer. She says she never breaks promises either. EEEEEEEKKK
I'm so excited :)

General Conference was absolutely amazing.
The 2nd session on Saturday was my favorite.
One of the talks that really stood was about prayer. He said the second we
say, "Our Dear Heavenly Father" He tunes into us with all his ears, eyes,
and attention. It was really amazing to hear that because I feel all the
time that I'm not very important, or that I might be praying to a ceiling.
It was such a good reminder that prayer is a gift for us to communicate
directly with God. I love Him so much!!
"Thine afflictions will be but a small moment."

I love you all and have such a strong testimony of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints. We were taught in a training the other day
that we are helping people become converted to Jesus Christ, not the
Church. The Church provides the ways and needs to become converted to
Jesus, but it is not what we want people to believe in. We want them to
believe in Jesus Christ and that He suffered and sacrificed his life for
them. HE LOVES US SO MUCH. I love this gospel and I love the Atonement and
that through Jesus Christ we can live with Heavenly Father and Him again.

Miss y'all more than words can explain.
Con Amor,
Hermana Hull
1006 S. 16th Ave
Yakima, WA 98902

(picture explanations)
Carlos this nice Mexican man gave us these roses. He
might've been in love with us, but that's ok! WE GOT DELICIOUS SMELLING

she's perfect. so cute. oh and there are also some adorable chicks there !!!

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