Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Lucky We Are (September 26, 2016)

Lots of crazy stuff happened this week.

Women's conference - The talk by President Uchtdorf was incredible! It is so fascinating to me to see how the Lord is aware of what goes on in our lives and how we learn precept by precept. At the start of this transfer, I did an intensive study on faith and the talk that he gave testified of all I had learned and been trying to apply. I loved the underlying message of all of the talks, how we have to have a clear understanding of the Doctrine of Christ and the Plan of Salvation. Maybe it's just because I'm a missionary and Preach My Gospel is practically scripture, but I strongly encourage all of you to begin to study Preach My Gospel in your homes with your families, study the scriptures, learn and love the doctrine because the more you learn and the more you know the more you can stand firm in the faith and with a steadfast hope in Christ that all will turn out okay. I was reading a talk from last general conference and it talked about a little girl who, when confronted with a question of "If you drank some of the brew from the witch's cauldron, what would happen?" and she responded, I would go to heaven and I would love it there because I would be with my Heavenly Father. And it made me think. Sometimes we sit here and struggle through life, suffering alone. But we don't have to. And if we recognize that we are precious children of our Heavenly Father, we not only have the assurance that He sent His son so that we would never have to feel alone, but that in the end, it is going to be okay. Death, which is so feared in so many ways is nothing but a return home.

We had the privilege of attending a wedding that was followed by a baptism. How grateful am I to be a part of the everlasting gospel where we are loved so much that we are given everything that we need to return to our Heavenly Father, to be together with our loved ones on this earth forever, in this life and the life to come.

We stopped by a less active and she had lost her license and green card. We said a prayer and almost immediately after she found it. She was sobbing, her feelings a mixture of gratitude and godly sorrow for how she has been living. She was at church this Sunday :) It is so wonderful to see how Heavenly Father cares for us, even when we fall off the path He wants us to be happy, even though the things in this life are small, they are big to us. And when these things happen, they turn our souls back to our Creator, our Savior and our Father. We relearn the meaning of the scriptures in Mosiah that remind us that we are the dust of the earth and we are nothing without His goodness and His Grace.

How lucky we are to be here on this earth, learning little by little, coming unto Christ little by little, falling and climbing. Go get Preach My Gospel! Study it! Learn it! Love it!

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

P.S. addition by Mom - Hermana Baird is being transferred to White Salmon, a town of approximately 2,200 which sits on the border across the river from Oregon.

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