Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I ran over a Mailbox. . . (July 10, 2017)

Da week.

Monday we were Mexican to celebrate America. Correctly.

Tuesday we did lots of service with moving rocks, dropped a bucket on my knee (see bruises), chased off a drunk Mexican as I translated car spanish because life in trailer parks are never normal. Apartment checks that night and then we went to sleep at like 9. It was glorious.

Wednesday we picked a protein bucket full of rasberries, brought some flowers to Ruth, went to Singing service, went tracting, met a Finnish man, woke up a cop, poorly handled 2 door approaches back to back concerning passed on husbands, tracted in 102 degrees, called some members to repentance (lovingly), taught Kadyn (our almost on-date that will might actually be our baptism or California's, not sure yet - all he knows is that he wants to get baptized ASAP!!), got some fresh Ranier cherries, and contacted an INCREDIBLE referral from Columbia.

Thursday Hna Long got sick. So I studied and updated the area book for about 4 hours. Then we went on mini-exchanges so that we could go to a lesson with the referral from last night, we knocked for a minute, ate dinner, our toilet broke AGAIN, had an AWESOME lesson with Adriana, Norma and the Dominguez where Adriana put herself on-date for Saturday the 15th!!! and then a wonderful lesson with Brother Hochstatter :)

Friday we weekly planned, tracted for a while again in like 300 degrees, had a fun lesson with Miguel and his mom, had a lesson with Bunny where we learned about compassion, ate with the Dales and then had some awesome lessons with the McCombs, Kadyn and then a referral from Venezuela. I want to speak Spanish like them so bad.

Saturday I took out Elder Bergman in ultimate frisbee (Timo, remember that one time when you dove and did the flip thing? Similar except that I tripped him and he didn't catch the frisbee). We moved rocks again, visited Connie, had lunch, comp, idioma (first official ones in like literally a month #migraines) and talked about some rules, went way out to Mae Valley and used our dinner hour (that was empty - no food) to contact some people we haven't for a while, then stopped by a member and interrupted THEIR dinner to ask about my knee, got pizza and were rescued from tracting that night in the sketchy trailer park that we had the run in on Tuesday with and then had a lesson with Adriana and Norma. They are my favorite. They are the first family that I have taught since the beginning and they are so close!

Sunday I learned a lot, we weren't contacting productive but we did lots of good work for the ward. Trek just got over with and Sacrament meeting was all about their experiences. The Spirit was so strong. I wish I could have gone. We talked about the 13 Articles of Faith (memorize those if you don't know them), talked to the Primary kids about missions, coordinated about helping build the ward, translated sacrament meeting, learned about repentance (which is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately), stayed in Young Womens, had a 2 hour meeting where we went over every member in the branch and figured out if we knew them or not, grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the Cobbs (whose mail box I then ran over), had another lesson with Adriana and Norma who are so prepared and excited to be baptized. Please keep them in your prayers. Adriana is looking for a new job.

Love you!

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

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