Thursday, July 6, 2017

Greenie Fire (June 19, 2017)

Mostly I just want to talk about how amazing missions are and how merciful God is. And I'll start by talking about some Milagros that happened this week.

Monday: Slime and FHE
After a typical P-day, we headed to a lesson at 5 which cancelled, ate dinner, went to a 6 o'clock who didn't show up and then contacted a couple of referrals.
The highlight of the night was having a FHE with a semi-active family who has two darling, but slightly stubborn teenage girls. After reading part of 1 Nephi 1, they taught us how to make slime and it was an awesome way to bond.

Tuesday: Puppies and Benadryl
We were enlisted to help at this Animal Shelter WAAAAY out on the Base. The service is literally walking/playing with dogs, puppies and kittens. We tried to figure out a way to pool our money and adopt a dog but unfortunately we just couldn't get it to work out. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to wait until I get home *cough cough*. An added bummer was the puppies made my arms break out in hives and so the 10th elders gave me some Benadryl and told me to take to. Forgetting that I was a lightweight and I don't usually take drugs anyway, the "they might make you drowsy" part of the drug knocked me out for an hour and for the rest of the night I could hardly walk straight. We went knocking and I can't say it was the most effective knocking hour I've ever had, being drugged out of my mind.
That night we stopped by the McCombs and got to follow up with their Book of Mormon reading. They were at the Dominguez when we had the intense lesson on the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and going to church and they have been doing it and loving it! They started talking all about how much they love what they are reading and all of the neat things that they are learning. The Book of Mormon I'm telling ya, it is they beyst.

Wednesday: Stalking Hispanics, Golden Children, and Migraines
Let me explain. Well, actually first we had Singing Service where my companion and I sang "Shine On" for the cute old people while we waited for the other missionaries to show up. They are so cute. When we sang it for the second group at the very end, one cute little woman tapped her foot and waved her arms around. Music and old people :) Lo mejor.
Later that day we ended up with a weird 30 minute chunk before dinner and so we said a prayer. Two days ago we had been driving around and saw this ONE Spanish house. When we prayed I was like "We gotta go find them." So we go. White person, white people and suddenly HISPANOOOOO. This darling girl answers and it turns out that she had just done a school project about the three kingdoms of glory! We run and get her a Book of Mormon and talk to her about 2 Nephi 2 and Adam and Eve and she got so excited! And then the dad shut it down. He did say that we could come back next week to check and so we've been praying really hard that she can soften his heart.
The stalking Hispanic part.. so they're kind of hard to find. So when we think we see them, we'll circle around and scrutinize the house. It was totally Hispanic. Wa-pachaw.
Lastly, Hna Long began to get a migraine today.

Thursday: An Answer to Prayers
Long story short, I was struggling a mite bit and got a blessing. Then I said a very intense prayer asking for some guidance and some light. I didn't really feel like I got an answer but I decided to put all my faith in Him and just go for it. That night we saw a couple of miracles, we found Kadyn and James (new investigator and recent convert), and then we went and visited Nancy.
We read 2 Nephi 2 with her to teach the Plan of Salvation because she loves the Book of Mormon. As we read, I expounded the scriptures and we went through cross-references and she was marking it up the whole time. As I taught, however, I felt like I was going to cry. I felt the veracity of the things that I was explaining. It was an answer to the prayer that I had offered earlier that day. The Lord is so incredibly merciful.
That night we also contacted two tourists from Tijuana and talked to them about the temple out there. :)

Friday: Baptisms and Girls Camp!
We had interviews, planning, and then a lesson with Kadyn where he agreed to be baptized the 1st of July and his brother is going to baptize him!
I scrubbed a toilet bowl with a pumice stone for 30 minutes and became a plumber as well.
Jason was a man we knocked into that was listening to some Johnny Cash and let us talk to him a bit. I had another moment where I realized how weird missionary work is, talking to a man that was drinking heavily and testifying that God knew of him and wanted to be a part of his life. Missionary work man.
That night we went to check on an investigator who is going to girls camp and invited her neighbor. In a crazy whirl of miracles, both girls are squared away to head off to camp on Tuesday!

Saturday: Birthday Service and Translating
I found my Bible! I couldn't even go a week without it. #missionlife. I literally felt as though I had lost all motivation to study without it. I read it for like an hour that night. Life is weird.
Got to be angels for someone. I saw a car outside of a house that we had been trying to contact for forever! We knocked and although he wasn't there, his mom was and we were able to help her set up for a birthday party and alleviate some of her stress. And then we got some really yummy food from them :)
That night I translated for 2 hours the adult session of Stake Conference. I've decided one day I will do that for a job. Not a full-time one. But an experiential one. It hurts my brain.

Sunday: Just Like They Used To Be
In Wenatchee, Sunday's were the days where everything else that had been worked for throughout the week paid off. And holy cow, did it ever this week.
It started with Stake Conference. Ana and Imelda walked in a bit late but they walked in and were there!
After a lesson fell through I felt like we should go try someone that we had been, again, trying again forever to contact them and find her uncle. After a small discussion he ends up asking if he could have a pamphlet and where the church is so that he could go.
We visit a sick sister and meet her son where we learn lots of mission wisdom.
We have an awesome lesson and dinner with the stake president and kick them into missionary gear.
Again, after praying and asking for direction we go knock.
Two favorite ones (because there were many) was Miguel - party house and one man said "I don't have a name. If you don't drink, the conversation is over" He then offered us coconut soaked in alcohol. Miguel invited us back though.
That night we were driving down the street and saw two people. "Hey I think that's Jorge!" parks, gets out of car, companion is super embarrassed, approaches them. It totally is! We walk with them up to their apartment and I talk to his friend all about the temple and how the gospel is such a blessing to us and helps us through hard times at 9pm. It was awesome.

The Lord is so merciful. He wants us to learn and become something more. He gives us trials to perfect us and teach us that we can't do it without Him. I love you all!

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

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