Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'm Actually the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (December 5, 2016)

   Dec1 - We helped Matt clean his house and get it ready to be moved out of so that he can add it to the family hotel business. His mother was there who wasn't a member and she doesn't ever want to be one but we helped them a lot and got a lot of work done. It appeared as though his mom had a little bit of a changed idea of us and they were grateful we had stopped by to help.
       Later that day we got lost driving down a really random road and found a house a mile or so in in the middle of nowhere. We had had little success among people that day and I said "Let's just go knock it, what's the worst that will happen? They'll chase us off. Big deal." So we park a little ways down the road and walk up to the house and proceed to engage in a standoff with this gorgeous, and yet unhappy dog. We got to the property line before the dog wouldn't let us get any closer and I didn't really want to be attacked so we just kind of stood there for a couple minutes that someone would come out and save us. Soon a girl with super curly hair comes out and pulls the dog away. Long story short they aren't interested in religion but she invited us in and asked a ton of questions about the mission and what we do. We slyly threw in family history hoping that it would go somewhere but didn't and eventually she had to go. It was funny because she wanted to hear stories of people who weren't very nice or interested and after telling a couple, she said, "You know, that's actually my parents. If they were here my mom probably would have told you we weren't interested and sent you away." Talk about a celestial moment. As she was walking us to the door she said, "I'm really sorry, I have to finish that essay, but you had mentioned something about family history work and actually that's something that I'm really interested in and I would love to know more." We left her our number and left walking on clouds. Well, running because we were late for dinner. Again. But, the neat thing is that we found someone in the middle of nowhere at a time that was the only time we probably ever would have found only Leaf and Emerald (codenames) home alone.
        There's this thing called Tiwi in our car that monitors speed and aggressive driving. There are a couple of different ways to get an aggressive driving - speeding, gunning/revving the car, hitting a curb, and POTHOLES. I have never gotten an aggressive driving for anything EXCEPT for potholes. I shall now describe what the majority of our area is. Gravel roads. Dirt roads. The occasional paved road that has giant holes and pieces missing. And yet they wonder why I have upwards of 11 aggressive drivings. *sigh* But it's okay.

          Dec2 - I may not have had the opportunity to honor my parents but I was able to honor my elders by listening to their stories. I kind of failed that one.
          BUT we had an awesome experience knocking. So we recently found a new apartment complex and decided to knock it. First door we knock on is this really pretty woman from Colima MX answers the door. When she sees me she spoke English but as soon as she saw Hna Hernandez she switched to Spanish and said, "Pasense." We sat down and found out we had interrupted a call to her family in Mexico but she was totally fine with it. We shared the Light the World video with her and then tied it into the Restoration. She mentioned that by tradition she was Catholic but really never went. It was really cool and we set up a return appointment on Sunday. We knocked on another door or two and then we head upstairs. She had mentioned a sister that was living somewhere in the apartments and we were on a mission to find her. Guided by the Spirit we knocked on a door but almost immediately heard "Quien?" yelled from the other side. I was like "Dangit we picked the wrong door" but responded "Las misioneras!" "Oh, esperame." So we waited a moment or two before she opened the door and invited us in. Her name was (codenames) Luna and she was Sola's sister! We talk to her for a little bit before suddenly we hear a knock on the door and in walks a family of 5. They walk by and we keep talking to Luna who then gets up to make some sweet enchiladas from Colima for us and the family that walked in. As we talked she told us that Sola had just told her about us and that's why she let us in! The enchiladas were made with potatoes and meat and carrots on the inside and then mole sauce with lettuce and radish. It was really really good. Soon Estrella comes over (the mother of the family) and starts eating with us right about the time that Sola walks in. It was crazy awesome. So then we start talking to Estrella about the video and set up an appointment with her as well! It was honestly amazing. They were all best friends and an answer to our prayers. They were all "Catholic" but laughed when they said it because it was only by tradition. They were all so awesome and receptive to the gospel!

       Dec3 - We helped others to see ways that they could reach out to others and share the gospel with them. As a missionary this is obviously something that we do everyday but we had the opportunity to talk with a returning less active couple and show them how they can share the gospel with others through the Light the World movement. She was so excited about it :)
       Also that day we ran into Kiko, yet another extension of the group with Estrella, Luna and Sola. It was really funny because the news had spread that a white girl and a Mexican girl had been over there eating enchiladas with them and he seemed a little bit more open to listening because of them. Essentially, if we can get Sola and Luna to church, Kiko will fall in line with the rest of them. They are all each other's fellowship!! :D

       Dec4 - Today was the day that so many wonderful things happened. There was a little bit less stress because we didn't have any investigators to get to church unfortunately (we're still working on it) but we Tyler came with Curly and Traci and Dottie and all the Nimmas! AND Tyler brought his friend Griffin! My heart was full to bursting when I saw them, and afterwards he asked Bishop about how he could get his Patriarchal blessing. I love being a missionary and I love Sundays because that is the day where everything else is made okay. I was able to worship the Father through fasting and grateful prayer as well as helping other families have kneeling prayers.         I love these themes because there is so much that we can learn as we strive to do them in our everyday life.

       Dec5 - Although I have not yet had the opportunity to heal the sick or do one of the things on the calendar, I had a PT appointment and was able to talk a little about the gospel with my doctor. We also had the opportunity to go and do felting and begin to make a hummingbird out of beads with a member in our ward :) Which was AWESOME. She fed us grilled cheese and tomato soup which healed all of our souls I think.
       Also, as we began to go to our appointments, only Luna ended up being there. But as we were there, Sola, Estrella and then Kiko all walked in and we got to talk to them about fasting and why we do it, fast offerings and serving others. It was awesommmeeeeeeeee!!!

To explain the title - we are always late to everything. Literally everything. It's really frustrating but slowly we have been working on getting places on time! We do that by setting alarms, letting people know we have appointments and not lingering :) Slowly but surely I am leaving the White Rabbit life behind. Just kidding. It's getting worse. But we are battling it with everything we've got and it's sure to work out!  :)

Love you all!
Hna Baird

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

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