Friday, December 16, 2016

Fotos (December 12, 2016)

My boots aren't really a match for the weather we get here

It's snowing!


Christmas gathering :) Sis Miller, me, Sis Fabiano and Hna Hernanandez

 Our Christmas shrine with our tiny tree and borrowed nativity set.

 Actual snow. We got about 18 inches and it has wrecked havoc. I'm actually a huge fan though because we get to serve people right and left (pushing cars onto the road, shoveling, walking across ice), and everyone is home! It's lighter outside and everyone is walking because they don't want to drive. Snow is the BEYST.

Thursday it really snowed. We would go into lessons and we walked out 30 minutes later to another 3 inches burying our car. Actually epic. I think we cleaned off the car 7 or 8 times that day.

Our almost crash that wasn't almost at all. I'm relearning how to drive in the snow and after a few mishaps I think I've got it figured out again ;D

 ​Tyler, Ryan and Tristan cleaned off our car for us :) And then pushed us out too because we actually ended up getting stuck.

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