Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Welding the Liahona and Girls Camp (June 12, 2017)

It's been a while.
The last couple of weeks have been crazy. We've seen some real miracles and have had some days full of nothing. It's rather mind boggling.

Kinda cool experiences we've had the last couple of weeks.

We've been working with lots of members but we finally have decided to get a handle on Part Member families and Less Actives. And suddenly, ward council gave us a list of people to visit, we've picked up a part member family and another one has a son who wants to take the lessons, the work is picking up in the English department and I am SO EXCITED

There is this giant, beautiful house that is seriously a mansion. We had knocked it a while back and he said that we could come back. So we tried again and they were in the middle of dinner but when we asked if we might be allowed to come back they said "You may." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even express to you how excited I am to go back and talk to them, they are open to the gospel! At least more so than many of the doors we've knocked on and I'm literally just freaking out about how amazing they are going to be. I shall update, don't you worry!!

Ana and Imelda - remember that one house we knocked on a couple of Sunday's ago where I made the comment "Maybe if we would just keep knocking they would open the door"? So we went back to try and contact them again two Tuesdays ago. Imelda (the mom) answers the door and she's really open. She starts telling us all about her daughter and some of the really hard things that she has been going through and a falling out they had with the church they were going to. Ana has been asking her mom to go to a church and then there we are. She also told us how her 4 year old, the one that had been watching us through the window the first time, had been calling to her and crying, saying "Mommy my friends are here open the door! Mommy!!" but by the time she got to the door we were too far away. The little girl then told her mom that they had to pray so that we would come back and we did! She told us, "I don't know how or why you're here but I know that God had to have sent you." We set up a lesson with her daughter for Thursday.
Once we get there we talk to Ana a little bit about the church and some of the activities. Her older sister and mom sat in because they really want her to be able to get out and make friends. Friday she came to the Book of Mormon class, left with a Book of Mormon and started reading it. Then on Sunday her and her mom came and loved church! Ana is going to Girls Camp next week and even invited a friend she had met THAT DAY to mutual. She is amazing!

The Book of Mormon class we had had that night was really cool. Only investigators came and so we summarized chapters 1-6 of 1 Nephi and then read 7. There were 6 teenagers and 1 adult and they had a blast. It was one of the most successful classes we've had yet.

On kind of a silly note, we had a last service with Frankie on Tuesday. Lunch killed me. Elder Bergman was in charge of dishing up and as Spanish missionaries we enjoy causing each other pain. The rule is you have to finish everything on your plate or they get offended and think that you don't like what they made. SOOO Elder Bergman gave me a HUGE helping of rice and beans and then once I finished that and a chicken thigh he dumped a ton more rice on my plate. And THEN we had dessert. I ate it all. I just want you all to know. Hna Petersen got it pretty bad too. When she left the table we dumped a bunch of Valentino hot sauce in her bowl and she can't really do spicy. Needless to say, we all left hurting.

This past Saturday, our entire mission had the opportunity to meet with the Kennewick Mission (pretty much unheard of), and hear two 70s and Elder Neil L Andersen. It was an incredible experience and he confirmed all of my studies about faith. As humans today, we have a bit of faith but we have no idea the depth of what we can accomplish. I've been struggling with it because I feel like we should have more faith in the Lord's work and I've butt heads with plenty of missionaries about it in the past and then Elder Andersen comes and says "Find more! Don't apologize for you are! You can baptize 50 children of God of month! I know you can!" And I was pretty much bouncing out of my chair in excitement. He told us that we needed to be more creative with finding and so we are starting sports nights, drawing in the park, whiteboard contacting, we have a whole list of ideas and I am really excited to see them be put into action! I'll update as we try them out :)

Last little bit funny experience, we were knocking and found this senior named David. He was a little taken aback by us but we started talking and we found out he's interested in welding. Conversation as follows
Me: Wait, so have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon??
David: Um yeah a little
Me: there is totally this prophet who welds! He's a metal worker and there is this one part where he finds this gold ball called a Liahona and he says it's made of a curious workmanship. But like, as a welder, he can do some pretty awesome stuff probably don't you think?
David: Yeah!
Me: So to think that this welder finds something of a curious workmanship? I think it had to be something pretty legit.
David: Yeah that'd be cool.
Me: could we come by tomorrow and give you a Book of Mormon?
David: Yeah totally!

So then we send the elders by because we had church and first thing David says is "Do you have a Book of Mormon? I want to read it!" He also asked about the weird gold ball that I was talking about and they told him not to worry about it but the point is it totally worked. I don't know how, but it did.

Love you all! Go back and read Alma 5 and ponder on it!
Hna Baird

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