Monday, April 3, 2017

Eating Pavement (April 3, 2017)

Funny story of the week:
So as missionaries we have to send in key indicators every Sunday night and we have to do it in a timely manner. Well, Hna Baird is nothing if not not timely. We were knocking and left the phone in the car. we had a super awesome lesson that night but then realized that it was 9:20 and we still hadn't sent in the indicators. So we hopped our new investigators gate, in skirts mind you (because we couldn't figure out how to open it), and then us two white girls are running down the street of a Hispanic trailer park yelling at each other in Spanish about how we have to "correle dangit! olvidamos key indicators!" and all is well, we're laughing because then I'm trying to explain how I would do this all the time in White Salmon and how much Elder Christensen (my zone leader there as well) would call us and be like "What are you doing?!" and how he hates me and then suddenly. . . speed bump. I almost caught myself. But I didn't. And so I ate it. So. Hard. I totally destroyed my leggings and my pride. BUT we did get the indicators in on time, and we got home in time. Wa-pachaw!

Funny Story #2:
On Pday's we play soccer. And after playing soccer last transfer with a group of Mexicans that have no qualms and play hard, I have learned how to play hard and not back down. The elders don't usually even know what hit them. My crowing moment was when Elder Bawden and I were both after the ball, running toward each other and he stopped because he didn't want to hurt me and I of course have no qualms so he ended up on his back in the grass. I also almost broke Elder Taele's nose, and some of the elders just give me the ball when I run at them now. I think I'm the reason the white handbook advises us to not be competitive during PDay so we don't get hurt. Working on it :)
(Note from mom:  I hear the first step in repentance is noticing there's a problem.)

General Conference was awesome, my favorite was S. Mark Palmer's talk. This conference made me realize that the things that I have been wanting to become aren't just an Hna Baird high standard. They are the Lord's standard. And because he loves us he asks more from us. This is the day and age where we have to stop making excuses.  When we hear truth to stop saying, "Wow that was so awesome!", making resolutions and then giving up after a week.  No, we have to start changing today and staying changed. In Wenatchee there was a quote that said, "If you are the same missionary today as you were yesterday, you are wasting your time." But my companion and I had heard "You are wasting your life." Although it was an obvious mishear, it isn't wrong. We have not been given this time to repent day by day to remain the same. We have to be changing. No more can we make excuses for why we didn't change, why we didn't do what we said we were going to do. We need to develop our personal integrity and just do it. We need to push ourselves, not sit there comfortably being okay with where we are at! We do not even realize how many blessings God wants to give us SO BADLY and we are telling him "No, I'm good with what I've got." The talk that was given about goals - are you setting goals, are you making plans for eternity? Are you progressing toward eternal life? Are you playing an active role in God's Plan of Happiness that he created especially for you? 
If not, WHY?!!
We need to decide today to become something more.
Love you all!
Hna Baird

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