Monday, March 6, 2017

Fotos! From two weeks ago. . . (March 6, 2017)


Pday shenanigans
my bruise - it's much better now :)

Car selfies are really hard

Cincinnati chili

Walking on water
And being artsy

The night I got hit in the face by two soccerballs and ran into Elder Burbank's shoulder, tried tripping a different elder and giving myself a contusion on my right leg, rebruising my left leg, ate in on the ice and bruised my knee/ripped my pants I fell on (don't worry it's just the left knee) trying to get to an appointment on time, skinned my elbow and smacked heads with Sergio. Long story short, Pday+Soccer with the group = all the ice we owned was either on my face, legs or knees.

Zone Conference with some of my best friends - elder mayes, favila, aguirre and background lots of randoms

When you try to be productive and go on zebra splits to tract out a town in the middle of nowhere and....

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