Monday, August 29, 2016

Spanish, Spanish, Spanish (August 29, 2016)

I can't believe how fast time goes! It's weird to tell people I've been out for coming on 6 months when to other missionaries that is still so young. This week has been rough in terms of work, but so much fun. I love my greenie so much! She reminds me a lot of me. Some of my favorite quotes by her:
me - "I think my nose is trying to tell me something" (after sneezing 7 times in a row)
her - "It's just excited to be on your face"

"Maria? Is she the one who brought us food? I love her!"

"Well this is awkward" (this one gets said a lot, probably because I'm her companion.)

She also casually brings up how I wake her up most nights, talking to her in Spanish. Am I fluent yet? Just this morning she asked me, "Hey so I couldn't tell if I was dreaming or if this really happened but you kept talking to me last night in Spanish." This time I actually remembered doing that. It's super funny to realize all of the weird things that you do when you live with someone 24/7.

She makes me laugh and is super chill. I love throwing her under the bus, I made her get us home the other night, we were in a sketchier part of our area and we had about 15 minutes to get home and I was like k go. It's cute cuz she gets mad at me but she's also like "I mean I see why you do this, I just wish you would time it better!" Personally, I think the best time is when you have a time limit, throw some anxiety in there. Anyway, she navigated like a boss and got us home exactly on time. She is doing so awesome. I've learned how to just tell it like it is. I have had to tiptoe so much I feel in the past and now we can just be honest with each other. We have a mini comp inventory every night, we have been diving into PMG like I never have before and we play Spanish games as we walk from place to place. She is helping me become the missionary that I have wanted to be my whole mission.

I love it here so much! Wenatchee is seriously my home. It's been my only area so far and now that I'm training, I could very well be here until almost halfway through my mission. Not even complaining though :) This week, fun sketch story, haha we were talking to a guy on one of the rougher streets and found out he was almost baptized! We set up an appointment and exchanged information and then as we were walking away someone whistled and then yelled after us, "Hey girls!" We turned to see this suuuuuuuuper tall guy swag his way over (I did say swag, mostly because I don't know how else to describe it). He had multiple piercings, a rat tail, chains.. he's like, "Whatcha doin" in a pretty thick accent so we tell him we're missionaries and he's like "Me too!" I switched to Spanish and straight told him, "No es cierto". He was a little taken aback that we spoke Spanish, (but not that we called him a liar), and then asked when we could meet up. He was so tall, it was honestly really intimidating but I got out a pamphlet and told him Friday at 6. He was a straight gang member. I'm not exaggerating, there are gangs all over this little town and he was totally a part of them. And he lives in the house where a member has seen major police activity pretty regularly. It was awesome. So then we brought an RM, and asked the member across the street to watch the house in case anything happened. Turns out he wasn't there, so we left our number and got out of there. I won't lie to you, I'm a little bit bummed out that he didn't show but my companion had been praying pretty fervently that if he was going to do something bad to please just let him forget about the appointment. So hey, we probably dodged a bullet. (only slightly figuratively).

We haven;t had much else happen this week, we've been trying to talk to absolutely everyone and we've begun to see the blessings of it as we have been able to find a couple of people that seem really solid. We've had some really neat experiences with some neat people. It's neat to see how even when people aren't interested, we can bring a little bit more light into their lives.

Les quiero!

Sister Jaycie Baird
Washington Yakima Mission

​Tried to do service for this guy that had a broken leg and arm and he gave us giant flowers. 

Painted a house! With oil based paint, it was super not easy to get off. It went all the way up our arms, in  our hair, on our faces, although when we offered to help other people that day they were more inclined to believe that we aren't afraid to get dirty while doing service.

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  1. Glad your companion is just that! Love it when a working twosome is truly a working twosome. Don't you love oil base paint. So lovely for the complexion..... I couldn't figure our what it was. Thank goodness it wasn't a darker color. So much harder to remove. You Sisters are terrific. So proud of the work you are doing and the experiences you are having. Wish I could bump into you at the Temple though. That was so, so wonderful to get live hugs. Keep up the good work dear heart. Love you!!!!!!