Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 9: Losing to Win (May 2, 2016)

Still kinda blows my mind how fast these weeks go and how much is packed into them. It's locura.
Some highlights of this incredibly full week :)

We had inter-cambios (exchanges) with the Sister Training leaders on Tuesday! Hermana Harston came to Wenatchee with me and Hermana Dungan headed to East Wenatchee with Hna Kennedy. It was an incredible day. Honestly, I had kind of been struggling with the whole "Open your mouth" part of missionary work, which is practically all of it! Hermana Harston was such an incredible example to me of the quiet and sure confidence as she talked to people. We had a couple of really neat experiences that day as well, one in particular that was simply too coincidental to be a coincidence. We were walking back from knocking a section of apartments and were talking about how it's kind of nice to have to walk everywhere. You meet people you wouldn't usually meet and you get to see miracles all around you. Literally as we spoke, we came across Joshua. We stopped to talk to him and it turns out that his mother had just passed away that day. It was the most incredible opportunity to talk with him about what comes after this life and how we can be with our families again. He expressed how she had had rather bad health due to addictions that they tried to get her to get out of, and those were what ultimately led to her illness. It was there I saw two miracles. Our opportunity to testify of a life after death where we are in perfect physical form, without enfermidad (sickness) or debilidades (weaknesses) was one, as was his acceptance and wish that that was true. The second miracle was my ability to open my mouth without fear. If ever asked when I became a missionary, albeit an imperfect one with a long road ahead of her, that moment would be it. The experiences I had with Hermana Harston that day reminded me that the reason I am here is to share with others, and how selfish it is to be afraid of opening your mouth when this is what I am called to do. In Doctrine and Covenants 30:1 it says something along the lines of, "You have feared man and not relied on me as thou ought." And although a veces (at times) I still falter because I'm nowhere near perfect, I decided this day that I would not fear man any longer and open my mouth. And it has made all of the difference in the world, both to me and the people I come in contact with.

Sister Wengreen asked us to teach seminary on Wednesday and it was honestly one of the best days ever. I absolutely adore seminary. It was such a blessing to have that opportunity and to see the amazing youth in this area. We were asked to talk about Jeremiah 16:16, each of us as hunters and fishers of men. I could go on forever about this amazing work but due to time and to save yours as well, I'll instead list a handful of scriptures that are just amazing with brief summaries.
John 15:19-20 - We can't expect anything more or less than what the Savior went through. He suffered all, he also performed miracles, was scourged and praised. When we hit bumps in the road, when there are oppositions or adversities, we must remember that Christ went through all and more, so of course how can we expect any less?
D&C 84:65-73 - these signs follow those that believe. We live in a world full of doubt. But I can promise, for I have seen it, that when we believe in miracles and gifts from God, they will be made manifest in our lives. We don't receive miracles because we want a sign. We receive miracles because our faith is such that we don't need them to believe.
D&C 84:77 - Christ calls us his FRIENDS. He also does this in John 15. When we are doing as he did, we are his friends in the work. How amazing is that??
D&C 84:88 - Christ is with us always. We had an amazing lesson this same day I believe, with two people who very strongly believe in miracles. At the end of our discussion, he said something along these lines: "Christ is with you two. I can see it, He dwells in your hearts. If I hadn't let you in, when I die Christ would have asked, 'why didn't you let me in that day?' Because I didn't see you. 'But I was there, standing with them'. And what could I answer? You are always welcome in this house, because Christ is standing beside you." I was a little taken aback. I fully believe in the promises of angels that surround to bear us up, and Christ being with us always, but his faith was tangible in a way I have not felt ever before.
There are so many more but I have given that which is expedient unto me and it's up to you to continue searching for these things and these incredible promises that are made to each of us.

Saturday was jam packed full of amazing things.
At District Council, Elder Solis our Zone Leader gave a mini training. His topic was, "If we want to win, we have to lose." These missions are not ours but the Lords. If we give up our will to the Lord and "lose" everything we have to Him, we will in the end win. However, if we fight against His will and "win", ultimately it isn't just Him that loses, but you and the people you came in contact with as well. This struck me hard. Paired with the idea Elder Wunderlich, our District Leader, shared, "Instead of thinking how we can be less prideful, think more about the love you can show to others" my mindset was changed. I've been very focused on all the things that I lack, when in reality, I need to surrender my will to the Lord and focus on turning out toward others, and in doing so, all those things that I lack will be made whole in Him. At that district council I knew with tan (so much) clarity that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I never planned for a mission specifically, but it was always a part of God's plan for me and I know that he has a plan for each of us that will bless us more than we could imagine.
We had a church tour that night with two of our investigadores, and it was amazing. They are so incredibly receptive and have a desire to know more. We had Hna Gitta accompany us and it was tan increible (so incredible).
Right after there was a baptism for Lester. He's 11 and incredibly sweet and amazing. It is always such a blessing to attend a baptism because again, it isn't ever for us. It is always for them.

I always love Sundays but this was extra sweet. After church and dinner we headed out to try a couple of investigadores. We got a call from a sister in the English ward who needed help from the Spanish missionaries for her mother. We had made two appointments that night with people we really wanted to talk to because we had never gotten to really before and so we said a prayer for guidance. Immediately after we said the prayer, there was this peace that everything would be okay. Both investigadores ended up being willing to meet with us and the lessons were incredible. Although I was sorry we couldn't help her that night, I knew that the lessons we had that night were supposed to happen that night. I'm grateful for the Spirit that guides us in all that we do. Without it, we are much more prone to making very human mistakes or even choices that while are in no way bad, take us from something that could have been much better for investigadores or ourselves.

There is absolutely no other place in the world I would rather be at this time than here, serving. Although I know I say this quite often, I am so so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of this work.

Les quiero mucho,
Hna Baird

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  1. How I loved that you "happened" upon Joshua just when he needed to hear your message of the plan of salvation. I am sure he received comfort from that powerful message. I can't imagine you having difficulty "opening your mouth" - I have never seen a shy side of you. But I am grateful you are being blessed with the opportunity to speak without fear. You have the best message to share. Are any of Lester's family members? I LOVE baptisms. They always make me cry. Happy tears. Love reading about your experiences and can feel your joy. Love you Hermana Baird!!!!